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Final Fantasy X Hints LX (PS2)

Final Fantasy X is a video game in the well known JRPG series from Square Enix.


Calm Lands: Easy monster captures

[admark=1]Find the Monster Arena owner. Buy a weapon from him. Go and fight lots of Anacondours and steal 60 Petrify Grenades from them. Customize the weapon with Stonestrike. Capture all the monsters that … (read more)



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  • The Countdown to Oblivion Begins in 'Marvel Mighty Heroes' April 17, 2015
    Caught between a rock and a hard place the Avengers and their allies fight for their lives and the very fate of the cosmos! DeNA Executive Produce Justin Lambros dropped by to talk about this week’s “Marvel Mighty Heroes” mission, “Countdown to Oblivion,” and hint at some awesome happenings on the horizon. Look’s like […]
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    Matt Murdock’s avenging alter ego Daredevil swings into “Marvel Contest of Champions” from Kabam! Game Designer Shane O’Connor alongside Game Art Director Gabriel Frizzera dropped by to dole out the details on Hell’s Kitchen’s most notorious vigilante. It’s awesome to see more street-level super heroes making an appearance in the cosmic Contest of Champions. […]
  • Spiders Clash in 'Spider-Man Unlimited' April 14, 2015
    While Spider-Man has spent years having to watch his own Wall-Crawling back, the events of Spider-Verse have shown Peter Parker can be a team player, something currently being reflected in the “Spider-Man Unlimited” mobile game. We spoke with Gameloft’s Tatiana Nahai about the Clash of Spiders team event running in “Spider-Man Unlimited,” as well as […]