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Final Fantasy X Hints LX (PS2)

Final Fantasy X is a video game in the well known JRPG series from Square Enix.


Calm Lands: Easy monster captures

[admark=1]Find the Monster Arena owner. Buy a weapon from him. Go and fight lots of Anacondours and steal 60 Petrify Grenades from them. Customize the weapon with Stonestrike. Capture all the monsters that … (read more)



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    The first major update for "Spider-Man Unlimited" is now available, and with it, Sandman, along with his five dimensional versions seen throughout iterations of the Marvel comics! Sandman is the newest threat to Spidey’s world as our hero and his ever-increasing army of Spider-Men uses our dimension as the last stand against a plan of […]
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    As if Asgardian cults and mystic hammers don’t cause enough terror, there’s even more to fear in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” as Halloween once again draws near. For the third year running, “Avengers Alliance” celebrates the spookiest time of the year with a new Spec Op, this time featuring Marvel’s vampiric heroes and villains, plus plenty […]
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    Want to save New York City and have a smashing good time along the way? Now you can with The Hulk in “Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition)”! Previously available only as part of the Disney Infinity Collector’s Edition, starting today, Hulk can be purchased as a standalone character for us with the Avengers […]