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Final Fantasy X Hints LX (PS2)

Final Fantasy X is a video game in the well known JRPG series from Square Enix.


Calm Lands: Easy monster captures

[admark=1]Find the Monster Arena owner. Buy a weapon from him. Go and fight lots of Anacondours and steal 60 Petrify Grenades from them. Customize the weapon with Stonestrike. Capture all the monsters that ... (read more)



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    UPDATED on 8/29/14 with two new costumes No page has been left unturned when it comes to playable characters in the upcoming "Spider-Man Unlimited" mobile game. With content spanning 50 years of comic lore, there’s a high chance your favorite Spidey can be summoned and upgraded! A variety of Spider-Men will be available at launch with consistent ne
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    It seems like we just got off the horn with D3Publisher’s Producer Joe Fletcher and Michael Cerven, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications, talking about all the big changes rocking “Marvel Puzzle Quest” post-Comic-Con. Now they’re back to clue us in on an all-new character coming to the “Puzzle Quest” roster: Beast! We talked about the unique abilit
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    Recruit Hulk and Angela in the newest update for "Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon"! Download the game today for $2.99 on mobile and $4.99 on the Windows Store. No in-app purchases and no internet connection is required to play!This marks the historic first appearance of Angela in any video game, plus adds the power of the Hulk to the